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International Trade Association launches four year project for India’s offshore wind development roadmap

The Global Wind Energy Council and partners announced today the launch of a four year project to develop a roadmap for offshore wind development in India, with a focus the states of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Supported by a  euro 4 million contribution through the European Union’s Indo-European Cooperation on Renewable Energy programme, the project will work in close cooperation with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, State governments and other relevant offices of the Indian government to look ... Read More »

Plans afoot to develop offshore wind energy in India

According to reports, the Government is gearing up to prepare a time-bound action plan for development of offshore wind energy especially in the coastal states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. At a meeting of the sub-committee for preparation of the draft policy guidelines for development of offshore wind energy projects of the Ministry for New and Renewable Energy, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board chairman, Rajeev Ranjan, who is also chairman of the sub-committee, said it was high time ... Read More »

Big challenges lie ahead for the wind energy sector in India

According to reports, it has been difficult for the country’s wind energy industry to get excited about tapping offshore wind. First of all, the untapped onshore potential itself is quite big, with less than 15% of the potential 1,00,000 mw realised till now. Secondly, since seabed is India’s property, approvals are needed from at least six government agencies. That can be cumbersome. Finally, offshore is relatively costlier – a factor that can’t be discounted given the poor state of power ... Read More »

Planning Commission of India talks about need to expand wind power in the 12’th five year plan using offshore wind

As a thought leader, Panchabuta  had pondered about offshore wind in India in the middle of last year. (Offshore wind farm in India…when?)   In November last year, Deepak Gupta, secretary, ministry of new and renewable energy, had announced that a study was being undertaken with the help of Chennai-based Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) to ascertain the feasibility of setting up wind farms in India’s offshore areas. Further one has to wonder how the approvals for such a project would be in India ... Read More »

Tamil Nadu and Gujarat have potential in offshore wind in India-study may take two years to complete

 Wind Power India 2011 claims to be charting a  roadmap for additional 50GW of wind energy in India by 2020. According to research done by World Institute of Sustainable Energy, they forecast a  5000 MW annual market by 2015 in India where the current annual projection is about 2200MW. This is a big jump in itself from a range bound  installation capacity  between 1470-1750MW  a year over the last five years. In this back drop the projections by World Institute of Sustainable Energy seems rather ambitious and ... Read More »

Offshore Wind pilot projects in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat:Deepak Gupta-Secretary of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

As readers of Panchabuta might be aware, we had pondered about offshore wind in India in the middle of last year (Offshore wind farm in India…when?), when the US under the Obama Administration had announced the approval for the first offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts after a lot of opposition and legal challenges. In november, Deepak Gupta, secretary, ministry of new and renewable energy, had announced that a study is being undertaken with the help of Chennai-based Centre for Wind ... Read More »

Tata Power Submits Proposal for India’s first offshore Wind farm in Gujarat

Panchabuta in its essay in early May (Offshore wind farm in India…when?)  had wondered about when offshore wind would become a reality in India. This was the time when the Cape Wind energy project which was  to be built in the federal waters near  upscale peninsula of Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts was approved. The Cape Wind farm is a 468Mw project with about 130 turbines being supplied by Siemens. A couple of weeks back,  Deepak Gupta, secretary, ministry ... Read More »

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