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    Hybrid Solar cell phone tower-success of India-US clean technology partnership-says Lael Brainard, US Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs

    As Panchabuta has reported a couple of months back, the U.S. was aggressively trying to push  India to lift solar import restrictions on Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. The mandatory use of domestic content for utility scale grid connected solar power  is a topic that has witnessed a lot of debate and there have been strong views on both for and against the same sometimes from two group companies each on one side of the same corporate house like Tata BP Solar for ... Read More »

    Chromatin licenses sorghum germplasm from Advanta- to enter Cleantech space

    Advanta is an India based global seed company that combines the benefits of agricultural biotechnology with the proprietary crop genetics and excellent breeding capabilities of the company to offer world class high quality seed products and solutions to the farmers in different parts of the world.  It markets a broad range grain and forage sorghum products throughout the Indian sub continent, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Advanta US has hybrid grain and forage sorghum research, production, conditioning and ... Read More »

    Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has allotted Rs. 2.53 billion for R&D in the last four years

    According to the  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), a budgetary provision of Rs. 253.06 crore has been made for research and development in new and renewable energy for the first four years of the 11th Five Year Plan. Against this provision an expenditure of Rs. 199.74 crore has been incurred on R&D in renewable energy sector during the last three years and the current year (upto February, 2011). The 11th Plan has a special emphasis on efficiency improvement and cost ... Read More »

    Gamesa announces India expansion plans with an investment of Rs. 5 billion

    Wind energy has witnessed a lot of activity in recent times in India. Panchabuta, has earlier talked about the  Generation Based Incentives (GBI) scheme for grid connected wind power projects with the objective of broadening the investors base by attracting FDI and independent power producers. As readers of Panchabuta are aware, India had 11,800 MW of wind power installed at the end of March 2010 according to the Indian Wind Energy Association, making it the world’s fifth largest wind power market. ... Read More »

    KfW Germany, India Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) sign €200 million agreement

    Panchabuta had reported earlier this year that Germany’s Kfw Bank in February will provide soft loans of Rs. 12 billion. German government-owned development bank KfW plans to lend 800 million euros in the 2011-12 calender year to finance various renewable energy projects in India. Panchabuta had reported last month that  KfW Bank was in the process of signing a 200 million euro line of credit with IREDA and had so far  provided 140 million euros to the state-run lender. KfW ... Read More »

    India has installed plants that can produce close to 1 million cubic meters of gas from agricultural refuse

    According to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE), in the year 2010, over 20 MW power generation projects from waste were set up during the year. In view of the availability of large quantities of food and kitchen wastes at places of community cooking/large kitchens and eating joints, a project for biogas production from such wastes was under implementation. These include energy recovery and power generation from industrial and commercial wastes, & effluents, and cogeneration. Industrial waste-to-energy projects with a ... Read More »

    Resource consolidation and reallocation taking placein Renewable Energy in India with deals involving wind, hydro and biomass-Kameswara Rao, Leader- Energy and Utilities, PwC India

    As Panchabuta has earlier discussed, most of the fund-raising in Renewable Energy and Cleantech in India is happening either in early stage companies or in mega project developments. The biggest investments are in the renewable energy project development companies and projects itself.  There again, there are two different trends that are emerging. One is the funding of green power developers like Orient Green Power Limited, AuroMira Energy etc. There are also domain specific IPP’s emerging like Azure Power in Solar, Wind farm IPP ... Read More »

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