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Telangana mulls replacing water pumps with solar pumps

According to reports, the Telangana Government has constituted a committee of five senior officials to study the feasibility of replacing all the water pump sets in the farm sector with solar pump sets. This move follows a directive by State Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao after a review of the progress of solar pump project. He wanted a detailed analysis of the savings and the estimation of the overall cost before a massive project to change the pumps sets is considered. ... Read More »

Cheap electricity for poor squeezing out solar in India

According to reports, the villagers of Dharnai in northern India had been living without electricity for more than 30 years when Greenpeace installed a microgrid to supply reliable, low-cost solar power. Then, within weeks of the lights flickering on in Dharnai’s mud huts, the government utility hooked up the grid—flooding the community with cheap power that undercut the fledgling solar network. While Greenpeace had come to Dharnai at Bihar’s invitation, the unannounced arrival of the state’s utility threatened to put ... Read More »

India plans solar army, to train 50,000 people

According to reports, the government is planning to train around 50,000 people in areas related to solar power—a so-called solar army that would help India achieve ambitious targets in harnessing the power of the sun. The workforce will be trained through organizations such as the industrial training institutes (ITIs) under the government’s national skill development mission. While India has a solar generation capacity of 2,900 MW, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has substantially revised an earlier target of achieving ... Read More »

Waree Energies ties up with US-based GTAT for ‘Merlin’ technology

According to reports, solar module manufacturer Waaree Energies has entered into a tie-up with US-based GT Advanced Technologies for incorporating the American company’s ‘Merlin’ technology into its production process. The technology is said to result in reduction in cost of modules by 10 per cent. GTAT, a company that has filed for bankruptcy under the US “Chapter 11” (whereby the company will not have to pay its creditors until it comes out of bankruptcy), announced its new technology for connecting ... Read More »

Navi Mumbai to house largest solar panel installation on dam

According to reports, the Morbe dam on Dhavari River in Navi Mumbai is going to house something unique: a solar panel installation big enough to generate 20 megawatt of power. A three-year-old company that is carrying out the Rs 162 crore project claims the installation to be the largest in the world on a dam barrier, and the first in India. India already has several solar power installations on top of canals, the biggest being an underconstruction 10 MW project ... Read More »

Power-hungry businesses build their own solar plants

According to reports, fed up with constant electricity cuts and government-enforced “power holidays”, Indian IT firm ValueLabs has turned to the sun beaming down on its head office for help. In July, it finished building a 13 megawatt solar plant — enough to power 6,000 homes — to keep the lights on and computers humming for more than 3,000 employees at its base in Hyderabad. It is even selling surplus electricity back to the grid. “We plan to use the ... Read More »

Telecom tower companies fight a losing war against ‘diesel mafia’

According to reports, about 50% of 4 lakh telecom towers hit by diesel and electricity pilferage costing companies Rs 2,200 crore annually. Telecom tower companies have been fighting a relentless war against diesel and electricity theft at their cell sites (telecom towers) for long, losing around Rs 2,200 crore every year, yet its end is nowhere in sight. Over the years, diesel suppliers, along with technicians and other personnel who man the towers, have “captured” almost 50% of the 4 ... Read More »

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