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Why Powerwall promises, but delivery to India is a long way off

According to reports, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Tesla Motors plant in San Jose during his US tour last month, the company’s CEO Elon musk introduced him to its line of renewable energy tech. The PM was shown the Powerwall, and he later tweeted about “how battery technology can help farmers”. The Powerwall is a wall-mountable high-capacity lithium ion battery that can be charged using power generated through solar panels. It’s about 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide ... Read More »

Musk, Modi talk of powering rural India with Tesla tech

According to reports, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley-based electric car manufacturer Tesla largely revolved renewable energy and storage technologies which can be game changing in serving the energy needs of undeserved rural regions of India. Discussions between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Prime Minister largely revolved around bringing innovations as the company’s Powerwall, which is a long-term storage device for solar energy, to India. “Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Prime Minister Modi discussed Tesla’s developments in ... Read More »

Narendra Modi may seek the solar battery fix at Tesla

According to reports, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Tesla Motors in Palo Alto in California this month, he may seek answers to the conundrum that has been confounding the Indian solar electricity planners for long—storage. Solar electricity can only be generated during day time, and to use it at night, an effective storage solution is required. India is fit for solar power generation given that the country receives solar radiation of 5 to 7kWh/m2 for 300 to 330 days ... Read More »

GE takes IISc biomass tech for power plants in the US

According to reports, a home-grown technology to generate electricity using biomass designed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is being taken to the US by General Electric for a power plant in California. GE, which had licensed the biomass gasifier technology that generates electricity from agro waste and wood from IISc, will help Phoenix Energy to set up power plants in the US. GE demonstrated a model at its tech event in Bengaluru over the weekend. “Technology transfers typically ... Read More »

Maharashtra, Punjab top producers of green energy from farm waste

According to reports, three years ago, when representatives from Sukhbir Agro approached farmers in Punjab proposing they sell their farm waste to the company to generate bio-energy, no one believed them. “They proposed to buy our waste… We didn’t believe them,” said Amolak Singh, a farmer. However, as the farmers slowly came around to the idea the green benefits of this move became apparent. Every November, farmers in the northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan burn their agricultural waste ... Read More »

A forward for backup

According to reports, down the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, approximately five kilometres off Exit 7, lies an unassuming office complex that could be the answer to one of the key challenges to India’s renewable energy push. The facility, which is the headquarters of Acme Cleantech, is one of the first buildings in the country to run entirely off a stack of Lithium-Ion batteries — the same kind that power your smartphones and laptops. Acme’s EcoGrid battery stack is entirely silent, produces no ... Read More »

Government seeks comments on reframing National Biofuel Policy

According to reports, the government has sought public comments on proposed changes in the National Policy on Biofuels that seeks allowing producers directly sell fuel to consumers especially bulk customers like railways. “Ministry of New and Renewable Energy invites Feedback/Views/Comments on National Policy on Biofuels in respect of the changed overall outlook of the biofuel programme,” a public notice of the ministry said. According to the notice, the feedback may be sent by September 20 at [email protected] The national policy ... Read More »

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