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Gurgaon hospital, mini secretariat to go solar

According to reports, the mini secretariat and the general hospital in Civil Lines are going solar.As soon as the energy audit being conducted by the state government in the two buildings is completed, energy-efficient electrical devices will be installed there in a bid to conserve energy.

Department of Renewable Energy and the electrical wing of public works department (PWD) are conducting a joint survey at the six-storey mini secretariat that houses the offices of district administration, and the general hospital with three floors. Once completed, the departments will compile a detailed report that will provide an analysis of how power consumption can be brought down. A proposal will then be prepared and sent to the state government for budget sanction. This report will be instrumental in changing the current electrical appliances to energy efficient devices.

“We have picked the mini secretariat and the general hospital for the pilot programme. We are analysing various issues like whether replacing old air-conditioners with star rated ones and old CFLs with new LED lights will be more energy efficient or not,” said Vinay Pratap Singh, additional deputy commissioner, Gurgaon.

We have to keep in mind that electrical appliances to be replaced should be cost-efficient too and the incurred cost should be covered by low electricity consumption. The strategy will be planned accordingly,” Singh added. A pro forma has been prepared and point-wise entry of the data is being made. The audit is expected to be completed within a fortnight. A senior official said that solar panels can also be installed in the hospital as per the current power consumption capacity of the building.

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