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A traditional mutt kitchen transformed by technology

According to reports, the Jagadguru Shri Duradudeendeshwar Siddha Mutt at Nidasoshi in Hukkeri taluk has reportedly become the first in the country to install a ‘Malli Gasifier Thermal’ (MGT) using green energy (fuel) and traditional chulhas (earthen stoves) to cook the daily Anna Dasoha (free community meal) for the mutt volunteers and devotees.

Having installed the 100-kg biomass unit, the mutt is not only saving a substantial quantity of wood every day, but is also providing some much-needed relief to the women in the kitchen from working in a smoke-filled environment.

It all began with C.M. Shivayogimath and Umesh V. Kulkarni of ProGreenTech, Pune, both natives of Vijayapura district, visiting the mutt a couple of months ago. Pained by the plight of the women in the kitchen who had to work in a hot and smoke-filled environment, straining their eyes and blowing air into thechulhas again and again, they resolved to install the MGT here and came up with a proposal, which was instantly approved by the head of the mutt, Shri Shivalingeshwar Swami.

The unit, which cost about Rs. 5.5 lakh, became operational on the occasion of Shivaratri, the duo told The Hindu .

The women in the kitchen are very happy now as they are cooking in a smoke-free environment and finishing their job earlier. For the mutt, the expenditure on fuel has come down by two-thirds.

The team, led by Mr. Shivayogimath, a mechanical engineer, and Mr. Kulkarni, a chemical engineer, holds more than 20 international patents.

They said they had been contemplating developing clean cooking gas for rural communities, hill tribes and people from backward areas with poor access to electricity and LPG supplies.

They finally developed the “foolproof MGT” after extensive research and development. Initially, they had planned to focus on exporting the technology, but moved by the condition of the women at the mutt, they decided to produce a ‘Made in India’ product for those in need in the country’s villages.

The MGT is user-friendly and safe when compared with other gaseous fuel; it has no carbon emission, has optimum fuel combustion and doesn’t require an exhaust fan.

The technology, which uses the pyrolysis process for decomposition of wood, produces clean green fuel after filtration and ensures zero waste, with the carbon residue potentially used as fertiliser and the liquid tar (extracted during filtration) used as an effective pesticide (by mixing one litre of liquid tar with 100 litres of water).

The technology also addresses the need to fight global warming.

It can be used for cooking, for generating thermal energy in hilly terrains, rural areas, ice lands, community kitchens, hostels, temples, hotels, resorts and food processing units, for domestic electrification in rural areas, and for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The MGT burns the wood/biomass scientifically to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; generates high quality wood gas for thermal applications like boilers, home heating, thermic fluid heating, community cooking, bakeries, all types of industrial and domestic heating requirements; and generates high quality blue flame for cooking and thermal applications.

It is loaded with numerous creative features, suitable for almost any type of biomass and comes with many safety features. The system is dedicated to sustainable ecology through better and optimum use of natural resources for a better tomorrow.

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