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Will a Record-Low Wind Power Tariff Hurt Energy Producers’ Profits?

According to reports, even as the recently concluded wind power auction has shifted the focus back to the sector, the jury is still out on the financial viability of the record low tariffs for power generating companies. Wind power prices crashed to a record low of Rs 3.46 a kWhr (kilo Watt-hour) on February 24 in the country’s first-ever auction of producing 1 Giga Watt (GW) wind capacity conducted by Solar Energy Corporation of India. The five companies which won ... Read More »

Cheap Chinese imports hurt domestic solar cell, module makers

According to reports, Indian solar cells and modules manufacturers have not able to cash in on the opportunity of rising solar power installations thanks to Chinese competition. Between April and October 2016, India imported solar power material worth more than $1 billion. Solar power installations in India reached 4 GW in 2016, up from 883 MW in 2014. Installations are expected to surpass 9 GW in 2017. The Centre wants to ramp up domestic manufacturing to reduce imports of solar ... Read More »

Why Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project is a breakthrough for India’s 100 GW renewables ambition

According to reports, the recent record low solar tariffs have once again started the murmurs in the in the business circles and in the media about how low tariffs will render this sector ineffective in the long run. This argument was valid when we were in the midst of falling prices last year in the host of NTPC/SECI project auctions. While, the current Rewa Project pricing is in a very different context, it has not stopped the “low prices danger” ... Read More »

Telangana Govt plans EMI scheme for rooftop solar system

According to reports, the Telangana government is set to come up with a scheme of Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) based installation of rooftop solar energy for individual consumers. According to official sources in the Telangana New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TNREDCL) the scheme is in the final stages of development and would be announced soon. As per the modalities prepared, each individual household will be able to install roof top solar energy panels to produce the power needed ... Read More »

Scale economics drive smaller firms to the margins in solar power

According to reports, solar power, which once fostered small enterprises, is transforming into a scale-based opportunity. As tariffs hit record lows crimping returns, smaller firms are either scaling down or selling out. Vinay Rustagi, managing director of Bridge to India, a consulting firm, sums it up pithily: “There are many companies which became active in solar project development three-five years ago and have slowly decided to exit or slow this business because of the scale factor (mainly difficulties in raising ... Read More »

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