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Farmers find solar water pumps cost-effective

According to reports, a portable solar water pump invented to save fuel during irrigation was introduced by the officials of the Horticulture Department in Tirunelveli. The new device will make agriculture cost-effective and easy for the farmers.

The solar-powered pumps will operate on half HP (Horse Power) and are proved to be a major substitute for diesel, for which they earlier paid Rs 50 per litre for a day.

The pumps come with batteries and can sustain for 10 hours.

For Gell Joseph, the director for development association for integrated activity in Tuticorin, the invention is a delight as he can use it for drip irrigation to cultivate medicinal plants.

He feels the battery-fitted pumps are cost-effective as he can use the saved energy to light their office premises during power cuts.

P David Raja Beulah, the deputy director (In-charge), Tirunelveli and the inventor of the solar water pumps said, “Due to the frequent power cuts, the pumps’ batteries are used to light the farmers’ huts, who stay back to complete their work.”

David added, “Many farmers have demanded higher force so that they can cover a larger area for irrigating rice, mango and sugarcane fields. I am currently working on it.”

Based on the requirements, around 100 farmers from the Tirunelveli have installed the pumps after receiving the government subsidy.

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