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Haryana plans solar plants on 2,000 acres panchayat land

According to reports, the Haryana government has identified around 2,000 acres of panchayat land in the state that has potential of housing solar power plants of 200 MW capacity. In addition, a feasibility study is being carried out for the installation of solar power plants on canal tops and banks.

A spokesman of the renewable energy department said that in order to generate solar power, 50 MW solar power projects would be installed in 2015-16. Apart from this, the department would also install another 5 MW solar power plants, which were sanctioned by Union ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) in 2014-15.

The Haryana Renewable Energy Development Authority would promote setting up of institutional biogas plants in the gaushalas and dairies where sufficient cow dung was available. The state is providing 40% subsidy on total the cost of plant by the Khadi Village Industries Corporation to the charitable institutions.

During 2015-16, financial assistance would also be provided to the poultry forms and commercial or individual dairies, the spokesperson said, adding that total subsidy of Rs 50 lakh would be provided in 2015-16 for setup of approximately 400 KW biogas-based power generation units. Biogas produced from cattle dung and poultry droppings could also bottled.

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