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Infosys plans to completely shift to renewable energy by 2018

According to reports, Information Technology major Infosys Ltd has embarked on a roadmap to power its entire electricity requirement from renewable sources by 2018.

The company is planning to invest in 175 MW of solar plants by March 2018. Infosys did not disclose the amount to be invested. But going by the market rate of Rs. 7 to 8 crore cost per megawatt of solar based power plant, the company might invest in the range of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1400 crore.

“We aim to move towards cleaner energy sources and have committed to getting 100 per cent of our electricity from renewables estimated at 175 MW by financial year 2018,” said Guruprakash Sastry, Regional Manager – Infrastructure, Infosys.

In financial year 2014, Infosys used 75.6 million units of green power, roughly 30 per cent of the overall electricity requirements of its campuses in India. The company’s energy consumption was about 250 million kWh (1 kWh= 1 unit) and the demand is not expected to increase significantly as its new buildings are highly efficient.

The company has already installed 2 MW captive solar PV inside its campuses in India and plans to add another 20 MW inside its campuses in the next two years. The rest of the planned capacity will come up off site.

“We are exploring investment opportunities in different states and are evaluating local solar policies and open access options to achieve green power target. We may procure power or invest in green energy project depending on the state policies,” he said.

In the last six years, though the company’s employee strength has doubled, its total electricity consumption has gone up by only 13 per cent.

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