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Additional solar plant at Tangedco headquarters

According to reports, after successful installation of 60-kilowatt rooftop solar photovoltaic system, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation has decided to further harness sun power in its headquarters on Anna Salai.Tangedco has proposed to install additional capacity of 20 KW rooftop SPV plant at MLDC building as pilot project, said a senior Tangedco official.

The official said that the SPV plant with reactive power supply inverter would be set up at a cost of Rs 18.5 lakh.The official noted that the reactive power supply inverter would produce reactive power besides converting direct current solar power into alternating current.The reactive power supply inverter will help voltage stabilisation of the loads.“All pieces of equipment need active power actual electricity needed. They also need reactive power.

But many appliances like air conditioner draw too much of reactive power causing voltage problems. When there is a shortage of flow of reactive power there is low voltage,” the official explained.A senior official of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA), the nodal agency to promote renewable energy, said that works are on to install seven or 10 KW grid tied solar rooftop plant in 300 government buildings including 50 panchayat union offices covering all the 234 assembly constituencies.

“We have already finalised the tender and published list of district wise vendors and the cost of solar system projects,” the official said.TEDA has installed a 30 KW solar plant in Raj Bhavan and 10 KW rooftop system in Science City.

“In and around the city alone, we have installed a 48 KW capacity grid tied rooftop solar system in the government buildings,” the official added.  There was a proposal to install a 10 KW solar plant in government building (secretariat) and another 20 KW plant on the rooftop of the 10-floor Namakkal Kavignar Maligai.  As per TEDA estimate, a kilowatt capacity solar PV plant will approximately  generate 1,600 units per annum.

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