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Merkel’s Air Travel Funds Green Power From India to China

According to reports, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s flights around the world helped fund a wind farm on a luxury hotel in India and a biogas plant run by a Chinese beer maker.

Germany spent about 9.9 million euros ($13.3 million) from 2008 through 2012 to offset the greenhouse-gas emissions made by the air travel of members of the government and parliament, the government said in a reply to questions from the Green Party. The offsets paid for climate-protection projects around the world.

Germany bought 900,000 euros of CO2 equivalent certificates that helped financed the wind power units of Sun-n-Sand Hotels Pvt Ltd in India. Another 600,000 euros went for the La Esperanza hydro plant in Honduras, and about 320,000 euros contributed to a biogas facility at Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Company Ltd. in China, according to the document.

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, earlier this year said it needs to take additional measures to avoid missing its target to cut carbon emissions 40 percent by 2020 from 1990 levels. Emissions from transportation may rise at the fastest rate of all major sources through 2050, the United Nations said in an April climate report.

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