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Huge opportunities exist for India infra to go the greener way: Amory Lovins

According to reports, a top US-based environment scientist outlined the importance of developing the new infrastructure in the country using green techniques.

Speaking at an interactive meeting hosted by the CII Green Building Council, Amory B. Lovins, Chief Scientist and Chairman Emeritus, Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado underlined that since most of the infrastructure in India is yet to be built, there is substantial opportunity for India to go the greener way.

Lovins said by the year 2050, there is an opportunity for US to generate 70 per cent of its energy requirements through renewable energy sources, resulting in about 150 per cent increase in the economy and savings of about US $5 trillion. Similar opportunities also exist for India, he added.

Lovins highlighted that the need of the hour is to foster and promote efficient and effective energy management practices across the sectors, retrofitting of existing buildings and focus more on distributed renewable energy sources. This will go a long way in bringing down our dependency on oil, he underlined.

He appreciated the catalytic role played by CII-Godrej GBC in spearheading green business practices in the country. Rocky Mountain Institute has said that it will extend all the possible support in all of GBC’s activities and initiatives.

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