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Solar-powered pumps to end water woes

According to reports, residents of Jameera and Bahatu in Ramgarh have a reason to cheer with public health engineering department (PHED) putting an end to their age-old water woes. The department has recently installed a solar energy-operated water pump in the region that can function without manual intervention.

The pilot project, currently the talk of the town, will relieve the villagers of the day-in and day-out struggle with the rusty hand pumps.

Vijay Kumar Mishra, assistant engineer of PHED, said solar plates installed near the hand pumps were connected to an electric motor. “The project has received good response so far and the villagers are no longer complaining about insufficient water supply in the region,” Mishra said, adding that the project, if successful, will be taken to other villages in the vicinity.

The new technology can function without water towers, tanks and long pipeline connection thus sparing the department of incurring huge expenses, said an official of PHED in Ramgarh.

Shankar Kumar, a local resident of village Bahatu, said: “I am thankful to PHED for coming up with this unique idea of installing solar-powered water pumps.”

The remote villages of the district often suffer from acute water crisis, especially during the summer season. However, the new technology, once installed in these villages, will solve the problem once and for all.

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