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Monsoon gives bright picture to renewable energy sector

According to reports, current storage status of important reservoirs of the country shows bright picture for the capacity augmentation initiative in Indian renewable energy sector. As a major step in improving green energy harnessing capacity, the small scale but multi point capacity augmentation initiative can come as a significantly ‘green’ contributor to the nation’s 12th five year period power planning.

As per the report prepared by Central Water Commission(CWC), as of 3rd July, live storage available in 85 important reservoirs of the country is 36.873 Billion Cubic Meter (BCM). Though a bit less than what they had in 2013 during same period, the storage is 112 per cent of last ten years corresponding period average.

CWC monitors live storage status of 85 important reservoirs of the country on weekly basis. These reservoirs include 37 reservoirs each having installed capacity of more than 60 MW. Their total live storage capacity of 155.046 BCM is about 61 per cent of total capacity of 253.388 BCM created in the country- as estimated.

“With the advent of Monsoon, the situation will get further brighter,” said CWC officials.

“Proper utilization of unexploited potential is the key to success in our future power goal. Given the global scenario, we must keep our eyes wide open towards renewable energy resources. Naturally, untapped hydropower potential, the greener power, is always a preferable objective,” said NHPC Finance director Mr. ABL Srivastava.

Despite being world’s 7th largest hydropower producer, India’s global rank in hydropower potential exploitation is 5th. That speaks of the vast amount of available unexploited potential lying hidden in its total commercially viable potential of 84k MW. Out of this, only around 40K MW could have been exploited so far.

With this picture in hand, the Working Group of the Planning Commission for the Twelfth Plan has estimated a total requirement of 1403 Billion Units(BU) per annum by the end of 12th Five Year Plan (2016-17) with a share of hydro generation of 12 per cent. Thus, the capacity addition plan for the 12th Five Year plan period has been set as for 10,897 MW of additional Hydro power.

“These untapped potential harnessing from renewable sources can be significant components in achieving this goal,” said Mr. Srivastava.

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