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Gurgaon of outages warming to solar power

According to reports, in a city that is perpetually faced with a power crisis, turning to renewable sources of energy may seem like an obvious choice. But a scant few opt for it. A farmhouse on Old Delhi road, Gurgaon railway station and a retreat centre near Bilaspur Chowk have set a precedent of sorts by harnessing solar energy to meet their power demands during the summer months.

At Anand Farms on old Delhi Road, all 10 street lamps are powered by solar energy. Apart from this, the farm owner is currently contemplating installing a 100 KW solar plant to generate 1.5 lakh units to meet 25% of the total energy requirement of the farms.

“People refrain from installing solar panels because of the prohibitive cost of installation but they are unaware some vendors give an option of power purchase agreement wherein one can make payment in a staggered manner. The monthly payment is always less than the amount saved by shifting to solar power from traditional power. It is a win-win situation,” said Suneel Abrol, deputy general manager, projects, Anand Farms.

In a bid to save on non-renewable energy and to optimize renewable sources of energy, the farm also makes use of cow and horse dung. “All the animal waste here is recycled through biogas plant which generates the gas,” said Abrol.

The railway station has solar panels at platform number 2 and some of the energy consumption needs are met by it. “We have recently set up 25 KW panels and the electricity produced by it is saved. Soon we will set up another solar panel on platform number one with similar capacity,” said a railway official.

Another proponent of solar power is a private spiritual retreat centre near Bilaspur Chowk which has installed a solar power plant of 450 KW capacity. The retreat hosts nearly 500 guests at a time. “Solar power doesn’t meet all our energy requirements but at least during the day time, we don’t need to use non-solar energy,” said Appa Rao Bhai, an official at Om Shanti Retreat.

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