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Rajasthan govt amends Wind Power Policy, makes it investor-friendly

According to reports, the state government amended the Wind Power Policy 2012 with an aim of attracting more investors and giving boost to renewable energy in the state. The government wants to ensure easy process for allocation of land and other formalities for setting up wind power projects in the state, said parliamentary affairs minister Rajendra Rathore. This and many more decisions were taken at the cabinet meeting held here on Tuesday.

Rathore said investment worth over Rs. 2500 crore is expected in wind power in the state and there is capacity of setting up wind power plants of 400 megawatts. Since velocity of wind is not sure as such the government has decided to increase Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) from 5.7% to 6.8%. It means the government would purchase 6.8% of renewable energy from wind power producers for government consumption. The preferential tariff is decided by the Rajasthan electricity regulatory authority.

He said a committee has been formed to deal with land related cases involving wind power projects. The committee would look into government land allocation, installation of wind mills on private land, and even transfer of wind mills from government land to private land. The wind power producers would be able to sell power outsider the state also in case of excess production, he added.
Allaying fears of people about breaks on various people friendly schemes, Rathore said the government would review the schemes but is not stopping any of the schemes. He said the Pension Scheme, which covers about 56 lakh families and costs Rs. 3400 crore to the government exchequer would continue as it is.
The villagers selected under Sambal Gram Yojana would receive the budget for infrastructure development and more provisions would be made in the state budget. The Rs. 5 lakh to couple in inter-caste marriage would also continue. Rathore said the applications received for OBC post matric scholarship would be cleared as per rule and the schemes for Economic backward classes would also continue. “However, the government will review and amend the schemes if needed from time to time” Rathore said.

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