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‘Consumer attitudes changing toward renewable energy sources’

According to reports, the consumers’ attitude towards renewable energy sources is changing for the better, as nearly half of residential as well as commercial customers believe it is very important for India to develop and generate more solar power, says a survey.

Solar energy has emerged as the most recognised source of renewable energy, as nearly 58 per cent of both groups strongly favour solar energy as a future source of energy generation for India, the survey by global communications and consulting firm Mercom Capital Group said.

“Generally we found a lot of opportunities for the renewable energy industry to invest in educating and informing consumers and differentiating renewables from fossil fuels in a country that is hungry for power of any kind,” Mercom Capital Group CEO and Co-founder Raj Prabhu said.

The environment was underscored as the most important benefit of solar energy by 71 per cent of commercial and 65 per cent of residential respondents, that covered 1,700 residential and commercial customers.

Interestingly, the survey said only six in 10 (59 per cent) commercial respondents were aware of the government- backed subsidy programs for renewable energy, said the survey that covered 1,700 residential and commercial customers.

Moreover, only 30 per cent of commercial respondents and 21 per cent of residential respondents were familiar with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE label) products and their benefits.

The ‘India Consumer Perceptions on Renewable Energy Survey’ conducted by Mercom Communications India, found that power cuts have a moderate to major effect on more than 93 per cent of businesses polled.

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