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Tata Power weighs solar energy option

According to reports, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) has started a feasibility study on rooftop solar power generation. It will look at the technological requirements, response and storage solutions for the alternative energy source.

According to TPDDL, of the 510 sq km distribution network it serves, there is around 10.71 sq km (2.1%- considering sub-urban open area) suitable rooftop space which is sufficient to generate 883 MW of power.”Delhi has a geographical area of 1,483 square kilometres and approximately 31 square kilometres of rooftop space. If utilized properly, it can generate over 2500 MW of power through solar energy. We need to overcome constraints like policy uncertainty (subsidy and interest rate, for example), source of finance, business model and the gap between grid tariff and solar tariff for that,” said a senior official.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and executive director of TPDDL, said the study is being done in association with Energy and Environmental Economics, USA. The company received a grant of USD 459,238 from the US Trade and Development Agency for the study, which will be done completed with in a year. USTDA is an independent US government foreign assistance agency funded by the US Congress.

The feasibility study is in line with the government’s National Solar Mission, which envisages establishing India as a global leader in solar energy. “National Solar Mission also aims to promote ecologically sustainable growth across the country. Few states governments have aggressively pursued the policy and today, Gujarat alone has 1,000 MW of installed solar capacity. Delhi too has immense potential in the field,” said Sinha. He added, “This is the first time that such a study is being undertaken on such a large-scale. We will submit the final report to the power regulator for their approval post-completion of the study.

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