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Less wind power leads to power cuts in Maharashtra

According to reports, the reduction in the availability of wind power on Tuesday compelled the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd to enforce power cuts for two to five hours in the state. However, load shedding was averted on Wednesday as the distribution company secured 1,200 MW power from the power exchange.

A statement issued by the distribution company said since the beginning of June the company had been getting 1,000 to 1,600 MW power from windmill farms from 1am to 10am and 5pm to 11pm. However, on Tuesday there was a reduction of about 800 MW in the wind power contribution which necessitated load shedding.

The distribution company had procured 1,200 MW from the power exchange which prevented load shedding in areas falling in group A to D. However, wind power availability improved as well and even areas in E group also did not have any power cuts.

The distribution company has bought 900 MW at the rate of Rs 4.70 per unit from the power exchange for Thursday and additional 400 MW will also be available from JSW power plant.

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