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Tamil Nadu completes 90,000 solar roof houses

According to reports, the Tamil Nadu government has installed around 90,000 green houses with solar roof and around 20,000 street lights through solar power since 2011.

While plans were to add 60,000 solar roof houses and 20,000 street lights through solar power every year, the initial procedures and other issues affected the schedule, according to a senior.

Speaking to reporters in connection with a renewable energy workshop, Sudeep Jain, chairman and managing director of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (Teda), said it took time to bring in the standards and proper ecosystem in place and the pilot studies to start the roof top solar houses, since it was a new system.

While there is a gap of six months between the completion of houses and initiation of roof top solar system, the agency is catching up, he added. Similarly, there were issues including theft of batteries in the solar-powered street lights, he said.

He added that with the solar power systems being implemented, the industry required a large number of skilled manpower both for installation and maintenance of these systems.

With a few thousand installation happening every week, there might not be enough manpower for installation also. This, along with the newly-started grid tight net metering system would increase the demand for trained manpower.

Teda, in tie up with Anna University, has trained around 200 professors from various colleges. The workshop, Renergy 2014, is expected to start from June 12, in Chennai.

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