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India Court Defers First Solar Dumping Case to July 7

According to reports, a court hearing on a case by First Solar Inc. , challenging an Indian government probe that found it dumped panels below cost, was deferred to July 7.

Kailash Gambhir, who headed the two-judge panel at the Delhi High Court, questioned why First Solar filed the petition when the government has yet to finalize anti-dumping duties against the company. Sandeep Sethi, a lawyer representing Tempe, Arizona-based First Solar, the biggest U.S. solar-panel maker, argued for a deferral.

India’s Ministry of Commerce & Industry on May 13 issued the findings of a 1 1/2-year investigation, saying it found evidence that U.S., Chinese, Malaysian and Taiwanese companies dumped solar cells and modules in the local market.

It followed with a May 22 recommendation to impose duties ranging from 11 cents to 81 cents per watt on imports from those countries. The recommendation needs to be accepted by the Ministry of Finance before it takes effect, which is expected within three months.

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