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Technical training institute in Kashmir avails solar energy for non-stop power supply

According to reports, imparting technical training has become easier at the Industrial Training Institute(ITI) of Kangan in Kashmir with the installation of a solar power plant that ensures uninterrupted power supply to facilitate practical training to students.

The Government of India has initiated many solar power projects in Kashmir to ensure smooth power supply in different sectors.

Speaking to reporters, on Thursday, the in- charge of the ITI, Gulam Nabi Shah, said that the solar power plant makes practical training of students easier than before.

“To meet out the power deficiency, the government of India has installed a solar power plant with the capacity of 62.4 kilo watts.Now we get uninterrupted power supply with the required voltage needed for practical training of students,” said Shah.

ITI is located in a rural area and often faced power cuts during the day due to which the practicals of the students, mostly done on computers and other machines would suffer a setback.

A student Afroza Jan,expressed her satisfaction with the solar panel as it has ensured an uninterrupted and smooth training for students.

“Earlier there was no electricity and we used to face a lot of problems in doing our practicals.We were not able to attend our classes properly.After the governement of India installed these solar systems,we are able to attend our classes and do our practicals properly as everything over here is dependent on electricity and without electricity, it is difficult for anything to function,” said Jan.

The plant has a power capacity of 62.4 kilowatts.

ITIs play an important role in the valley as far as imparting technical job- oriented training to the youths is concerned.

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