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Wind energy generation on upswing in Tamil Nadu

According to reports, with the winds setting in, wind energy generation has started improving in the State and load shedding has come down during the last few days.

According to data available on the website of Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation, wind energy generation on Wednesday morning was 1,241 MW and on Tuesday evening it was 1,252 MW as against 14 MW on May 1 morning and 734 MW on April 30 evening. The State was purchasing more than 800 MW of power on May 1 and it has reduced to 571 MW on Wednesday (May 14).

Electricity consumers, who were facing more than two hours of load shedding a day, do not have power cuts now.

An official of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) in Coimbatore said that on most of the days since May 2, three phase supply has been provided in rural areas almost throughout the day. With increase in wind energy generation, there was no load shedding on Wednesday.

A wind mill owner here says that winds have picked up during the last four days in the State and will only increase further in the coming weeks. Winds are good in the State from May to October. Though there are reports of evacuation problems in some areas, wind energy generation has gone up. The State has about 7,300 MW of installed wind energy capacity and the generation is more than 1,000 MW even in the morning hours now. Winds usually pick up in the evening and the energy generation is also high in the evening hours.

On Wednesday, 23 million units of wind energy were consumed in the State. Last year, though the generation went up till the third week of June, there saw a steep drop in generation after that as the wind mills were shutdown for eight to 11 hours a day.

Winds will be good in the State till the end of September and the Tangedco should improve evacuation. It should relax the power cut and consumption restrictions for industries. High-tension industries now have 20 per cent power cut. Several industrial associations have appealed to the Tangedco to relax the restrictions till the end of September as wind energy will be available.

The wind mills owners are paid on an average Rs. 3 for a unit for wind energy supplied to the grid.

The Tangedco should reduce purchase of power from other sources and increase evacuation of wind energy generated in the State, he said.

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