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Suzlon to supply 98.7 MW wind turbines for PowerWorks

According to reports, US-based Suzlon subsidiary SWECO (Suzlon Wind Energy Corp) has signed an agreement to supply up to 98.7 MW of wind turbines for PowerWorks, USA.

As per the agreement, Suzlon will supply up to 29 units of the S97 2.1 MW wind turbines and 17 units of the first S111 2.1 MW wind turbines for projects in California and Illinois, including the Panther Creek wind project. It will also oversee operations, maintenance and service of the turbines for two years.

PowerWorks will start taking delivery of wind turbines in summer 2015.

Duncan Koerbel, CEO, SWECO, said the S111 was the most efficient turbine model and the blade profile had an optimum pressure coefficient distribution ideal for lower wind sites, in a variety of climates, including those at higher altitudes.

PowerWorks and its affiliates currently own and operate five wind power projects, totaling 117 MW, consisting of over 800 wind turbines, located in California and Idaho. The company is also developing new utility scale wind projects across the nation, as well as, acquiring operating wind projects.

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