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Pumping solar water pumping system to be commercialised soon

According to reports, Bengaluru-based HHV Solar Technologies, which has developed a solar generator, would soon come out with a 5KV device to pump water, a top company official said here today.

Since almost all urban areas and villages face acute water shortage, this system would be a boon, particularly to civic bodies for drawing and suppling drinking water, Prasanth Sakhamuri, Director, Marketing and Technology, told PTI.

The prototype has already been developed and it is a matter of time before it was commercially released, he said, adding it would be priced between Rs 9 lakh and Rs 10 lakh.

He said the company, a subsidiary of Swelect Energy System, would soon go all out in the domestic and global markets to market the device, a plug and play, trailer-mounted solar photo voltaic power generator, which directly taps solar energy and provides a clean, green source of power.

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