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BESCOM implementing net metering system for solar rooftop panels

According to reports, the Bangalore authorities have already started work on net metering to enable individual households to put solar panels on their rooftops and sell extra solar electricity to the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM).

The company will soon provide its consumers with rooftop solar units to contribute to power supply and also gain from it.

In this regard, BESCOM has invited bids from manufacturing firms who are in the field of manufacturing bidirectional (DLMS protocol) (single phase, three phase, CT operated) meters.

Under the Karnataka Solar Policy 2013, solar power consumers can sell excess power they generated to BESCOM.

When usage of power is minimal during day, electricity generated through solar panels can be supplied to the power grid, and, in the evening, when power is needed in larger quantity, consumers can draw power from the grid.

Consumers will be paid for the difference of electricity used and supplied.

BESCOM is responsible for power distribution in the eight districts of Karnataka. It covers an area of 41,092 Sq Km with a population of over 207 lakhs.

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