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Solar Panels Set to Power Local Bodies in Kerala

According to reports, the local bodies in the state are all set to get a solar boost with the support of Anert. Already, 30 LSGs have been listed for installation of solar panels and others will follow suit soon.

As part of implementing the solar policy, some of the local bodies had decided to go for generation of solar power. They invited tenders and installed photovoltaic power plants, which lacked technical specification.

Later, the Power Department issued an order to all the local bodies to ensure that they comply with the technical specification while installing solar panels.

The order pointed out that the tender process of the local bodies for installation of solar power plants has to be cancelled as they could not conduct technical evaluation.

Anert director M Jayaraju said that the local bodies which installed the solar panels were not having the specification insisted by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). It was also found that the panels were not installed at the place where maximum sunlight could be obtained.

“After the government issued the order, the local bodies started approaching Anert for installing the solar plants, which complies with the specifications of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy . Anert was also given the permission for evaluating the technical specification, preparing full tender document, tender evaluation and work supervision,” he said.

The local bodies will have to pay 6 per cent of the project cost to Anert for the service. Following the direction of the government, around 30 local bodies will install solar power plants initially.

According to Jayaraju, the representatives of other local bodies, too, have started discussions with Anert for implementing the project. When the proposals are submitted, it will be sent to MNRE for approval and subsidy.The local bodies will get the full benefit of the project when solar power is connected with the grid of KSEB.

Now, the local bodies are proposing to install solar panels with a capacity of 5 KW to 10 KW, depending upon the size of the office and available fund. At present, the cost of installing the solar plant for the production of 1 KW of power comes to around `2 lakh, which will be lower when the tenders are submitted.

It was also informed to the local bodies that the subsidy of the Union Government cannot be made available to all of them. When the government allots the fund, it will be divided among the local bodies which are given approval for installing the solar plants.

Apart from the local bodies, Anert is also in the process of installing photovoltaic power plants at 10 collectorates in the state. It is proposed to generate 50 KW to 100 KW power from these centres and the Union Government has already released the fund for the purpose, he said.

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