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Secunderabad Cantonment Board to tap solar power to reduce power bills

According to reports, the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) will tap solar power to reduce its power bills. The Cantonment Board has been paying Rs 75 lakh per month as electricity consumption charges to the Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited (APCPDCL) for powering its streetlights, pump houses, circle offices and four dispensaries.

“Power charges are a huge burden on the Cantonment Board. As a result, there is a necessity to look for alternative sources like solar power. We had a meeting with Solar Semiconductors Pvt Ltd and FAB City authorities to install solar power system. We were impressed with their presentation,” a senior SCB electricity wing official told TOI.

As a rule, every 1,000 Watts of photo voltaic (PV) module requires 1,000 square feet of solar collector area for modules using crystaliline silicon. Each 1,000 Watt of PV module could generate (approximately) about 1,000 KWH (kilowatt per hour) per year. “According to preliminary estimates, we have to spend over Rs one crore to install solar panels. We had a meeting with APCPDCL authorities too for subsidised rates for installation of solar panels,” he said.

“Initially, we will install solar power panels on rooftops of Cantonment Board offices at main office, seven pump houses (Balamrai, Gun Bazar, AOC, Mahendra Hills, Rudranagar, Bowenpally and Gunrock), three dispensaries (Trimulgherry, Rasoolpura, Bolarum and Picket) and two circle offices (Bowenpally and Trimulgherry),” the official added.

Already, the SCB has prepared proposals and sent it to president cantonment board (PCB) Brigadier Sunil S Bodhe and principal director, Southern Command, Pune for their approval. “Once they finalise it, we will put it before the Board. We have already discussed and explained to the Board members about the huge power consumption charges and benefits of usage of solar power. They have agreed to support the eco-friendly initiative,” the official added.

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