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CII holds conference on harvesting solar energy

According to reports, UT administrator Shivraj V Patil, while addressing the Conference on Harvest in the Sun , organised by Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) , coinciding with the CII Chandigarh annual session at its northern region headquarters, on Thursday said India was “much in need of a solar revolution”.

“Extensive focus and investments in research and development (R&D), collaboration between industry and governments, both state and Centre, development of costef fective solar panels and cells, and above all, a strong resolve to harvest solar energy can bring about the much needed solar revolution in India,” said Patil.

He also visited an exposition of solar energy-based products, where a wide-range of products ranging from kitchen appliances to travel kits was displayed. Citing China’s example, he said, “Like China, the Indian solar industry should invest in R&D and produce efficient solar equipment and benefit from ‘economies of scale’, thereby bringing down the costs.”
Patil appealed to the industry to ‘produce more, sell more and earn more’.

“Presently, the same solar panel which costs only 20,000 in China is worth 2 lakh in India,” said the UT administrator.

“It is high time, all stakeholders collaborated to bring about a solar revolution”, he said, appreciating CII’s efforts in actively chalking a roadmap towards a solar energy efficient future.

CII northern region chairman Jayant Davar and co-chairman, Sandhar Technologies, said, “All stakeholders should join hands for aggressive R&D to develop solar energy efficient future as it has the potential to meet almost 7% of our power needs by 2022, mitigate 2.6% of our carbon emissions, and save over 71 metric tons per annum (MTPA) of imported coal, equal to $5.5bn of imports.”

Talking about major bottle neck soft he solar industry, British Deputy High Commissioner ( north west India) David Lelliott said , “Cost reduction , grid management , community acceptance and landscape issues have been bar ring the path of solar future not only in India but also in developed countries l ike UK. So we need to work together to find solutions to such issues.”

CII Chandigarh council chairman and Aroma Group CEO Man Mohan Singh said, “CII has been advocating the use of solar energy very aggressively. Today’s conference also proved to be a platform to create awareness about practical implementation of solar energy, remove myths about it and motivate people to use this energy.”

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