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”Maintaining new grid code tough task for discoms”

According to reports, maintaining new grid code for retaining power frequency is a daunting task for discoms in view of falling hydropower output, former National Hydro Power Corporation Ltd chairman Yogendra Prasad said here.

“The new grid code for retaining frequency of power generated on the grid is between 49.9 Hz – 50.05 Hz. It is a daunting challenge for discoms,” Prasad said at the 2nd India Power & Energy (IPE) Conclave 2014 held here yesterday. “The share of hydro power has fallen to 16 percent from 29 percent a decade ago, as a result of which the grid frequency can never be maintained anywhere as per the Grid Code requirements,” he said.

Prasad said raising the hydropower share above 30 per cent should be the mission ahead. Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation MD S K Negi said the emergence of a unified national grid was a good futuristic development. “…Technology adoption and plant expansion with future projections were the key elements of success in transmission sector and infrastructure in Gujarat,” he added. Gujarat Solar Park Director and Advisor P H Rana said the GPCL was expanding from its initial capacity of 214 MW to 270 MW shortly.

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