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Dev Solar plans to hold live solar power demo

According to reports, to create awareness about solar power generation, Dev Solar is planning a live demo on February 22nd and 23nd at Government Polytechnic campus on Avinashi Road in Coimbatore.

The event is sponsored by Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency.

Addressing presspersons, Managing Director of Dev Solar D Devarajan said that the demo is planned to highlight how solar energy could be tapped efficiently to light homes and even supply the surplus to the grid. “Ít is not heat but light that is essential to generate solar power. We have enough potential,’’ he added.

Dev Solar has come up with a technique — On Grid Power System — whereby the energy harvested is synchronised with available power and the excess generated during the day supplied to the grid.

“The system neither requires batteries for storing energy nor does it involve recurring expenditure for replacement of batteries once in four years. Since there is no medium for storing the energy, the net conversion loss will be minimum,’’ he added.

He further explained that for getting power supply during the night from the grid (as the excess is not stored), a new meter will have to be installed with facility for two readings — one for export and the other for import (Net Meter).

The customer/beneficiary will need to invest Rs. 70,000 for one Kw of solar system after subsidy, which works out to Rs. 50,000 (of which the Centre’s share is Rs. 30,000 and the State – Rs. 2,0000).

“Domestic consumers are eligible to avail this subsidy,’’ he said.

Stating that Dev Solar has installed about 800 solar power systems in the last two years, he said that the State Government has initiated the project for installation of such power systems at least in 10,000 houses in the pilot phase. “Dev Solar is a channel partner in this project,’’ he said.

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