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India tops in renewable energy potential: John Bryson

According to reports, former US secretary of commerce John Bryson said on Tuesday that India tops countries in renewable energy potential, especially solar energy, and can play a crucial role in challenging adverse effects of climate change.

Bryson, who now heads the Bryson Climate Initiative (BCI), said that 27% of India is affected by climate change and there is need to address the issue today, “as tomorrow will be too late.”

“There is degradation of natural resources. We are burning fossil fuels that we were not burning 100 years ago,” he said.

He also said that climate change should not be looked upon only as an environmental problem, as there are also huge economic costs associated with it.

During his visit to the state, Bryson also visited the Charanka solar park, which is home to more than 200 MW of solar power generation capacity. He met senior government officials on Tuesday and will visit Cept university on Wednesday.

BCI is focused on finding ways to mitigate effects of climate change over the next decade. India, apart from China and US, are the three countries which are currently prioritised by it.

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