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Solar inverter with SIM slot promises remote servicing

According to reports, here comes a solar-powered inverter with a SIM slot to connect with manufacturer for instant repair and maintenance. Technopark-based Ronds Innotech has come up with the idea that promises to assuage customer worries over inverter life and performance.

The inverter with solar arrays from the start-up company has a slot for inserting the subscriber identity module (or SIM) card issued by any telecom company.

“The SIM from the customer’s mobile phone can be used here,” says Sijo Joseph, CEO, Ronds Innotech. The SIM instantly connects the inverter with Ronds and puts out a real-time status of its performance, or lack of it.

“In case the customer feels that there is a problem with the inverter, he needs to just put his SIM into the slot for a minute or two,” Joseph says.

The inverter specifics are instantly captured by support staff at Ronds who will attend to the problem remotely. The company has also developed a smart phone application on the Android and iOS platforms for monitoring the inverter.

Called ‘Ronds C Tracker,’ it gives out information on charging and discharging; overall performance; operations history and usage.

“No Internet connection needed here,” Joseph says. Instead, plain vanilla GSM-based cellular technology delivers the job. The inverter is also programmed to avoid charging during peak demand time (6 pm to 10 pm) through efficient peak load management.

During daytime, the ‘automated power source selection’ technology developed in-house takes over and harnesses sunlight. This will help cut down on the power bill, claims Joseph.

During night, or when connected load requires more power, the inverter automatically changes power source to grid supply.

Joseph said that the product will be available initially in South India and is priced at Rs. 42,000. This includes the cost of solar array, special frames needed for supporting them and cost of installation, he added.

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