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Renewable energy pivotal for meeting India’s demand

According to reports, energy demands of India and the UAE are expected to soar over the next couple of years, making the share of renewable energy pivotal to meet the increasing demands, according to a global growth consulting firm.

With these synergies, both the countries are most likely to benefit mutually and enhance their capabilities significantly, Abhay Bhargava, head, energy and power systems practice, Middle East and North Africa, Frost & Sullivan said in a statement.

“Aspects like providing and training scientific and technical personnel would assist UAE in addressing the issue of qualified manpower for this sector, which we see as one of the greatest challenges facing the Renewables sector in the country,” the statement said.

On the other hand, the UAE has been able to commit substantially to areas like research and development and can hence, contribute positively to India when it comes to aspects like equipment and technology, it said.

Apart from collaboration in workshops, R&D and technology areas, this cooperation also serves as a platform for learning and sharing best practices and technical know-how, the statement said.

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