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5 MW Solar Plant in BHEL to be Commissioned in 2 Months

According to reports, the 5 MW solar power plant being set up at the Boiler Auxiliary Plant (BAP), attached to the BHEL, at Ranipet, would be commissioned in the next two months, executive director of the plant Veeraraghavan said.

He said this while addressing a gathering on  Republic Day on Sunday.  Veeraraghavan said that the BHEL at Ranipet had commissioned the first ammonia gas conditioning System at TISCO, Jojobera, in collaboration with Heavy Water Board (HWB), Mumbai. In association with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), the BAP developed a brand new technology for simultaneous extraction of polluting sulphur oxide and nitrous oxide from boiler flue gas. This technology was unveiled by the President of India on 15 November, 2013, he added.

The official noted that five Quality Circles of BHEL Ranipet had won gold medals in quality conventions held in Madurai, Chennai and Kolkata between September 2013 and December 2013.

Further, he said, 365 employees of the plant had registered as eye donors in an eye donation camp held by the BAP. The BAP had also bagged an order for supply of a 4000- cubic metre Water Treatment Plant from OPAL, Dahej. This was the largest capacity pre-treatment system order that BHEL Ranipet had bagged so far, he said.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, projects worth `35 lakhs were planned by the BAP for this year that included constructing a toilet and associated facilities for the vendors at the weekly Wednesday market in the township, building compound wall and providing a reverse osmosis drinking water facility for the Government Girls Higher Secondary School at Sholingur and constructing a kitchen with store room for the midday meal scheme at SRK- BHEL School.

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