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Tripura gets 45-KW solar power plant

According to reports, the state government’s ambitious plan to turn Agartala into a solar city successfully passed its first step towards implementation on Friday with the launch of a 45 KW-capacity Solar Photovoltaic Power plant for a multi-storied market complex.

Tripura Renewable Energy Development Agency (TREDA) joint director Babul Chakraborty said the plant will meet the present electricity requirements of the newly-built modern retail market near Ujjayanta State Museum. “Our aim is not to depend on conventional energy for the market’s power requirements unless there is any major mishap in the plant,” he said.

“A master project  has been drawn for Agartala to turn it into a solar city with the installation of solar hot water systems in all the hotels, nursing homes, school hostels, government guest houses, bungalows, hospitals, shopping complexes and VIP complex but we are waiting for the necessary funds from the Centre,” Chakraborty said.

He added that the Centre was also positive about the innovative project and if funds flow in on time, Agartala would be the first solar city in the northeast within the next couple of years.

TREDA has been providing solar energy to 100 remote villages in the state under the Remote Village Electrification (RVE) scheme during the current fiscal, he said. The solar plant was installed at the cost of Rs 1.5 crore, Chakraborty added.

He stressed that the target of Agartala Solar City project has been to reduce dependency on conventional energy at least by 10 per cent in the city, which would help in reducing emission of green house gases (GHGs).

Environment minister Bijita Nath, however, pointed out that the Union ministry of new and renewable energy has aimed at turning 60 Indian cities into solar ones by encouraging local governments to adopt renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures. The proposed solar cities include Itanagar, Agartala, Guwahati, Jorhat, Aizawl, Imphal, Kohima and Dimapur.

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