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Smartphone Application for Solar Inverter

According to reports, Technopark-based Ronds Innotech  has developed a solar-powered inverter which can be controlled and monitored by Android or i Operating System smartphones. The application, ‘Ronds C Tracker’ used for the smartphone is available free in any App Store. By connecting it to the phone one can know the details of  charging, discharging, performance, operations history and usage of the inverter.

GSM-based remote maintenance, reduced amount of electricity, extended battery life, automated power source selection and remote monitoring without Internet are the other features of the solar inverter.

As a help to KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) the inverter avoids charging in its peak time (6 pm -10 pm) using the mechanism of peak load management. During daytime, the automated power source selection  (APSS) mechanism directly runs the applications from sunlight without taking power from AC Mains supply, thereby cutting down on the power bill.

During night or if the load connected requires more power, it will change. “The product will be available initially in south India and then expanded to other markets. The price range is `42,000 with total implementation cost. We will be offering OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services as per the requirement,” said Sijo Joseph, CEO, Ronds Innotech.

“Innovative ideas like these are helping us to make our lives better. It brings in a positive array of thoughts in minds of other entrepreneurs. Ronds is a Technopark TBI-incubated company and such developments are a boost for other incubated companies to continuously innovate,” said K C Chandrashekharan Nair, Registrar, Technopark TBI.

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