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Solar power initiatives in Rajarhat New Town

According to reports, Rajarhat New Town is slowly inching towards becoming a solar city. The New Town Kolkata development authority (NKDA) is planning to introduce net metering system to encourage consumers to install solar panels and is also planning to procure electric scooters to be run in short distances in the township.

Officials of the ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) came at the city recently to participate in a workshop organised in New Town on the issue of net metering system in context of solar energy use. Officials of the bureau of energy efficiency, West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Authority (WBREDA) and others were present at the workshop.

It was discussed in the workshop that to meet the energy demands and for climate reasons, solar energy should be used as much as possible. For this purpose, solar panels in roof tops, on the canals and on specific designated points on the ground can act as virtual distributed and decentralized powerhouses to generate additional energy which is clean and non conventional. The consumers may pay only the net electrical power consumed and the solar power used will be put into the electricity grid which will result in savings in the power bill. This will further encourage consumers to invest in rooftop solar panels. NKDA officials said that this concept will be most attractive in new townships like New Town since the cost of roof top solar panels will be only marginal to the cost of construction of a new home.


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