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Besu will turn into a solar campus

According to reports, Bengal Engineering and Science University (Besu) has decided to set up a 400kwsolar power plant and a solar tree inside its campus at Shibpur, Howrah. The decision is part of converting the entire campus into a solar run university. The process of convert into a solar run campus which had started in 2011 will now finally turn a reality.

“Partially we have already started the process of conversion. A 3.5kw solar power plant has been installed which has been named as Rabi Kutir. From the plant which has been set up, Tagore garden and some part of the street lights are run. We have already completed the estimation to install a 400kw solar power plant on the roof top of the main academic building which will be grid connected and will generate electrical power. It will be used to run the entire campus,” said vice-chancellor Ajay Kumar Ray.

He added, “When we will not require the additional power then we can sell it to the electricity board. Once it is connected with the grid then the system will be in place.”

The power which will be generated from solar cannot be conserved. “It will be a everyday process to generate solar power. We cannot store the energy since at night the power is lost. We will charge the batteries and keep it stored. Some stand alone solar lights will be installed and also a solar tree which will look like the Christmas tree and have solar panels which will generate power shall be set up. Our professors and scientists at the Centre for Green Energy and Censor System has developed this solar tree,” Ray added.

As a result of converting the campus into a solar power hub, a huge area will have electricity. “This is an alternate form of energy and no conventional energy will be spent. This is the future for mitigating the energy crisis of India. We have taken the decision consciously. Like we are trying to do work on clean coal energy, on the other hand we are also stressing on solar energy,” Ray said.

The VC rued that there is not much scope to generate wind energy in Bengal.

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