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Tamil Nadu Energy Conservation Building Code gets ready

According to reports,  soon, the commercial and other major buildings in the state may have to adhere toEnergy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) as the process is on to make it mandatory in order to conserve energy. Electrical Inspectorate of Tamil Nadu has sent a draft code to the state government to get its nod.

On the sidelines of the ‘Energy Savings Day’ celebration in the district, S Appavu, chief electrical inspector, said their department has drafted and submitted the ECBC to the empowered committee. The event was organized by Electrical Inspectorate of Tamil Nadu on Thursday.

“Once the ECBC comes into effect, certain amendments would be made in the municipal bylaws to bring all the new commercial buildings under the ambit of ECBC. The focus of the code is to have energy conservation measure in place for all commercial buildings. The measures should be taken as per the guidelines,” Appavu said.

The electrical inspectorate has also set ‘Specific Energy Consumption Target’ on some industries to reduce the consumption to a certain percentage by March 2015. “Industries like iron, steel, textile, cement, paper, fertilisers etc should reach the target by taking necessary steps. It is one of the measures towards energy conservation. If the target is not achieved, they will be liable to action,” he cautioned.

The Energy Savings Day celebration was held to stress on the need for conserving energy by adopting various measures in domestic and commercial buildings. District collector Jayashree Muralidharan, who inaugurated the event, said the district administration has been effectively implementing energy saving methods by using compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in government buildings. She also insisted people to spread energy saving tips to conserve energy.

Addressing the gathering Appavu said energy conservation was not a step to reduce the convenience of people but to stop wastage of energy.

A technical session on energy conservation was also conducted following the event. Experts from the field of electrical engineering spoke on various topics concerning energy conservation. Representatives from cinema theatres, commercial complexes also took part in the programme.

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