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IWPA challenges move to buy thermal power

According to reports, the India Wind Power Association (IWPA) has challenged the decision of TN Generation and Distribution Corp­ora­ti­on (Tangedco) to purchase 2,122 MW thermal power on long-term ba­sis overlooking abunda­nt wind power available during monsoon period.

According to IWPA chairman K. Kasthu­rir­angaian, the association has appealed to the App­ellate Tribunal for Elec­tricity (APTEL) against the Tamil Nadu Elec­tricity Re­gulatory Com­m­­ission’s order allowing power purchase.

“We are not against Ta­ngedco purchasing th­er­mal power on long term basis to meet the power shortage faced by it. But we are opposed to purchasing the power during the wind power season from May to Sep­te­mber by backing down windmills. We want the availability of wind po­wer to be factored in while buying power,” he told Deccan Chronicle.

Wind power producers alleged that this year, Tangedco backed down win­dmills, which rescu­ed the state from power cuts during the peak wind season, for over eight to 22 hours following availability of power from new thermal power stations and less dem­and. Tamil Nadu has a total wind mill installed capacity of over 7,000 MW.

However, Kasthur­irangaian said that TN­ERC had accepted the Tangedco’s argument that wind power was infirm in nature and the association has no locus standi on the issue.

The appellate tribunal has accepted the wind power association’s petition against the Tan­ge­dco’s decision and posted the case for hearing on January 21, he said.

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