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Hindustan Zinc’s green drive helps it save Rs 300 crore

According to reports, Hindustan Zinc (HZL), the largest integrated Zinc producer , has managed to save Rs 300 crore with the adoption of green technology by investing in wind energy and waste heat recovery projects. As part of this move, HZL has commissioned 273.5 MW of wind energy in two phases across five states, an initiative that has been registered under the clean development mechanism (CDM) programme by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change ( UNFCCC).HZL produced 88.8 MW in Gujarat 49.40 MW in Karnataka 88.8 MW in Rajasthan, 25.5 MW in Maharashtra and 21MW in Tamil Nadu. Taken together, it produced and sold 511.4 million units of wind power, recording an increase of 52.3% over FY 2012.

Apart from its wind energy projects, HZL’s 9.4 MW waste heat recovery steam turbine generation (STG) and 21 TPH low calorific value gas (LCV) boilers for steam generation projects have also been registered under CDM. This has helped Hindustan Zinc reduce carbon footprint by 583,685 tonne of carbondioxide equivalent (CO2e) in emissions every year.

Apart from CDM projects, it also managed to reduce carbon footprint by 116,992 tonne in carbondixoide equivalents from other initiatives . It said it reduced annual average emissions of 497,209 tonne of carbon-dioxide equivalents by producing 536,882 MWh per year equivalent amount of clean energy.

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