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Biomass can be used for rural energy needs:UK Shadow Minister

According to reports, pitching for initiation of biomass mission in India on par with solar mission, UK Shadow Energy Minister Baroness Bryony Worthington today said it can be used to efficiently generate energy in rural areas.

“The area where India can really excel is biomass and agricultural residue. India is one of the most fertile countries in the world, it is so productive in its ability to grow from land and there is a lot of residue which can be used in a very efficient way to generate energy in rural areas,” she told PTI.

“There is a need for a biomass mission on par with solar mission,” said Baroness Worthington, who was one of the architects of UK’s Climate Change Act 2008.

Worthington is on a visit to India to communicate her experiences and also learn more about India’s situation and some of the challenges and opportunities it provides for sustainable development. She said she was very optimistic for India as it has great energy resources like solar energy.

“We are using solar energy in Europe where it does not make that much sense but in India it makes complete sense. There is already a wind industry which had some problems but now maturing and has great potential,” she said.

“Some of the technologies like wind and solar can be implemented very quickly. In terms of returns on investment, it is a far faster way of developing and one can get access to electricity much quicker. It is an interesting time for India to be able to reflect and make choice as before there was only one development path which was open but now there are a number of opportunities available,”she said.

Talking about India’s stand on climate change and reduction of emissions, she said India was right in pushing UK and Europe to go further in reducing emissions and the US which was decarbonizing through more use of natural gas and renewable energy efficiency.

Baroness Worthington is also the vice president of Globe International, which has national parliamentarians from over 70 countries that are committed to finding legislative solutions to challenges posed by climate change and sustainable development.

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