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Tamil Nadu tops electricity generation through wind farms

According to reports, Tamil Nadu ranks first in electricity generation in the country through wind farming with just 74 wind monitoring stations, the Lok Sabha was today informed.

In a written reply, Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah said the country generated about 19,934 MW of electricity through wind farming and has over 746 wind monitoring stations across 31 states and union territories. This is 8.72 per cent of the entire power sector in the country.

He said Tamil Nadu generated 7,245 MW of electricity through wind farming, which is highest in the country with its 74 wind monitoring stations.

Whereas Maharashtra, which stands second in electricity generation through wind farming, produces just 3,465 MW of electricity despite having 140 wind monitoring stations, almost double the figure than in Tamil Nadu and also highest in the country.

Gujarat stands third with electricity generation capacity of 3,313 with 82 WMS while Andhra Pradesh that has around 86 WMS- second highest in the country- produces only 587 MW of electricity.

Rajasthan, with just 37 WMS, produces 2717 MW of electricity, which is fourth largest in the country.

Incidentally, union territories like Lakshadweep and Pondicherry have just 8 and 4 wind monitoring stations respectively, while the northeastern states together have 38 stations.

Abdullah said that a target of 15000 MW has been set up under the 12th Five Year Plan.

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