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Solar energy can meet energy requirements: Dr Anil Kakodkar

According to reports, eminent nuclear scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar said that to meet the twin objectives of controlling the current account deficit and fulfilling the energy requirements, India must take the Solar route.

“Our energy import bill is rising as the country is reeling under a current account deficit crisis. This is where Solar energy comes in. Everything is available here — the equipment and technology,” Kakodkar, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, said.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Research and Development Unit for Solar Photovoltaics at the Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU), Howrah, he said Solar technology also had the potential to meet India’s growing energy requirements.

He asked scientists to use solar technology not only for energy, but also for converting it into heat using innovative technology.

“We focus more on photovoltaics but we should also work on the Solar thermal energy,” Kakodkar said.

BESU’s vice-chancellor Ajay Kumar Ray said India must encourage a low-carbon economy in the days to come.

The state university has established the Centre of Excellence for Green Energy and Sensor Systems as a seat of multi-disciplinary research and education.

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