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Gurgaon set to have its own waste plant

According to reports, Gurgaon may soon have its ‘own’ solid waste management plant. With growing generation of waste, owing to the rising population in the city, the authorities are now looking beyond Bandhwari. The recent fire at the shut Bandhwari plant has also added fuel to the idea of having an independent plant for the city. So far, the plant at Bandhwari has been a ‘joint venture’ between Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Talking to TOI, Faridabad municipal commissioner Suprabha Dahiya made it clear it’s time separate plants were set up for both the cities.

“Gurgaon is growing rapidly. So is Faridabad. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to have a joint plant. Already, the collective daily garbage collection is touching the 1,000-tonne mark. It is bound to increase,” Dahiya said.

Dahiya mentioned the fact that the plant at Bandhwari was initially meant for Faridabad. “The idea was that Gurgaon would have its own plant in time. Therefore, we decided to use it jointly, but not anymore. We have decided that as and when we set up another plant, it will be exclusively for Faridabad,” she said.

The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad (MCF) is looking at setting up an additional plant within the Bandhwari premises. “We have about five acres of vacant land here which can be utilized to set it up. We are looking to generate electricity from garbage. When the principal secretary of the urban local bodies was in Faridabad last month, he held discussion with certain people about this new plant,” Dahiya said.

According to MCF officials, the present plant operator has failed to make profits because the paper mill to which it was supplying the refuse derived fuel (RDF) has shut down. “The operator was supplying RDF to a paper mill in UP, which has shut down and they have stopped buying the RDF. The compost that is generated too does not have many takers,” an official said.

Meanwhile, Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon officials said they were looking at two sites to set up a waste plant and would appoint a consultant soon.

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