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India Poised to be a Global Leader in the Development of Solar Power, Says World Bank Report

Launched in 2010, the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission Phase 1 (JNNSM) is well-poised to make India a global leader in the development of solar power. In a span of three years, India has taken a significant step forward in implementing its green growth agenda by increasing its installed capacity of solar power from around 30 MW to more than 2,000 MW, says a new World Bank report. What is significant is that JNNSM has been instrumental in bringing down ... Read More »

Gurgaon set to have its own waste plant

According to reports, Gurgaon may soon have its ‘own’ solid waste management plant. With growing generation of waste, owing to the rising population in the city, the authorities are now looking beyond Bandhwari. The recent fire at the shut Bandhwari plant has also added fuel to the idea of having an independent plant for the city. So far, the plant at Bandhwari has been a ‘joint venture’ between Gurgaon and Faridabad. Talking to TOI, Faridabad municipal commissioner Suprabha Dahiya made ... Read More »

LED to replace sodium vapour lights on streets

According to reports, Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) and the urban development department are busy preparing a plan to ensure that all roads of the city are lit with LED lights which will replace the sodium vapour lights currently in use. The engineers of the urban development department have been directed to design a blueprint to make the transition possible soon. At present, there are around 16,000 sodium vapour lights installed across the city as opposed to 1,100 LED lights in ... Read More »

Greenpeace felicitate winners of global innovation challenge

According to reports, Greenpeace on Thursday announced the winners of its international innovation challenge “A Watershed Moment in India” 2013 here. It saw participation from over 1500 people across 58 countries two designs for renewable energy powered, portable, affordable irrigation systems for small farmers in Bihar. The challenge, which was open from September who created 256 innovative ideas. It was not a secretive , but instead open, collaborative and transparent. Participants uploaded their designs to a web platform, where they ... Read More »

Tamil Nadu electricity regulator to come out with rules on solar charges in 2 months

According to reports, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) will come out with rules for the charges that solar power producers in the State might need to pay the State-owned electricity generation and distribution utility, in about two months. These charges relate to ‘wheeling and banking’, ‘open access’ and ‘cross-subsidy’. ‘Wheeling’ refers to solar power producers using the State’s transmission lines; ‘banking’ is a developer putting his electricity into the grid, in order to take it back at a ... Read More »

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