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Energy Efficient street lights with timers on cards in Bhubaneswar

According to reports, energy-efficient street lights will soon replace the old lot in the city and help the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) cut down on hefty electricity bills by almost Rs 2 crore. The project will be implemented on a public-private-partnership (PPP) mode between the BMC and a private firm.

All new lights will be fitted with energy-saving timers for automatic switching off and dimming. The lights, fitted on about 20,000 posts, will start dimming from 10 pm and go off completely after 6 am.

“We have entered into an agreement with a private party, which will float a tender and select a party to install the energy-efficient lights,” said city engineer TBK Shroff. He said theInternational Finance Corporation (IFC), a sister concerned of the World Bank, will provide technical assistance.

“The private party partnering the project will take 10% of the revenue earned from the energy saved. Say for instance, if the BMC earns Rs 100 per month, the private party will take Rs 10,” said Shroff.

IFC had approached BMC last year in August and demonstrated how energy could be saved with the installation of such lights. “Once the finance department gave its nod, the proposal was placed before the corporation, which agreed to the plan,” said BMC commissioner Sanjib Kumar Mishra.

The BMC, which has been paying huge electricity bills because of lack of energy-saving devices, can now breathe easy as unnecessary consumption of electricity will be checked. Mishra said, “The BMC has been paying Rs 5 crore towards electricity consumption. But now it will pay about Rs 3 crore.”

There will be a 10-year contract with the private party. “An empowered committee of the state government will decide on floating the tender,” said a BMC official.

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