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DVC seeks World Bank funding for 1,000 mw solar plan

According to reports, Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), owned jointly by the centre, West Bengal government and Jharkhand government, has lined up plans to reach up to 1,000 mw of solar generating capacity by 2022, which would entail a cumulative capital investment of nearly Rs 8,500 crore over this period and it is seeking a 30-year long-term World Bank funding to reach its goal, top DVC officials told Financial Chronicle. DVC is anyway required to scale up its solar capacity to ... Read More »

Solar power plant technology available at Rs 3.5 crore/MW: GERMI

According to reports, successful research and development carried out by Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) has brought down the fixed cost of setting up of a solar power plant to just Rs 3.5 crore per megawatt. “About seven year ago, the fixed cost attached with a 1 MW solar power plant was about Rs 15 crore, which we have brought down to Rs 7 crore. GERMI’s R&D efforts have successfully brought down the cost further to Rs 3.5 ... Read More »

Energy audit helped save 18 million units: Tata Power

According to reports, Tata Power Co Ltd has said its energy audit programmes for customers have led to savings of 18 million units over the past three years. The company is one of the electricity distribution companies in Mumbai. The audits are conducted by a certified energy audit agency whose recommendations are sent to customers. Tata Power has carried out energy audits for over 100 consumers so far. Major consumers such as M&M, The American School and State Bank of ... Read More »

Respite for tribals in Spiti valley as govt plans setting up of solar power project

According to reports, come winters and people of this remote Spiti subdivision in tribal Lahual and Spiti district are forced to survive without water and electricity for months together. But government’s initiative to set up a solar energy plant could soon end their woes. The government is now mulling to set up a solar power plant, which could provide them electricity even during harsh winter months, when the region experiences heavy snowfall and the entire valley plunges into darkness. State ... Read More »

India can lead in harnessing solar and wind energy: Ignacio Campino

According to reports, Dr Ignacio Campino says India can lead the way in harnessing non-conventional energy sources, stressing “new solutions” to resolve environmental issues. The director of Hamburg-based Desertec Foundation, Campino spoke to Srinand Jha on the sidelines of the HT Leadership Summit.Excerpts: Your focus has been on using desert areas as an energy resource. Quite true. 1% of solar energy generated in desert areas can meet the energy requirements of the entire mankind. There is a huge potential in ... Read More »

No agreement yet between oil cos & ethanol producers: Praj

According to reports, Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman, Praj Industries believes that if ethanol blending in petroleum is raised to about 10 percent then it will result in higher capacity. Going forward, it will also help the Indian government as it plans to go to 20 percent by 2017. He says though a tender system is followed, there is no agreement for regular blending yet between oil companies and ethanol producers. Below is the verbatim transcript of Pramod Chaudhari’s interview on ... Read More »

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